China Jade Mica 8oz

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This color is a real sleeper. At first glance it's a pale green with a silvery shimmer that might not seem like a real solid choice. However, we've found that it provides a base some some absolutely stunning color options. 

If you look at the 2nd photo you can see a few shades we've come up with. These recipes are for ~85 grams of resin (combined A + B). Each recipe uses 3 scoops (popsicle stick method) of China Jade as a base.

From left to right:

1. China Jade - 3 scoops
2. Added 3 scoops of Casters Choice Emerald Green
3. Added 1 drop Green Dye
4. Added 3 drops White Dye, and 3 Drops Green Dye
5. Added 1 drop Ocean Blue Dye
6. Added 3 scoops of Casters Choice Brilliant Blue
7. Added 1 drop Blue Dye
8. Added 1 drop Black Dye

You can vary the tones by adding more/less as required. As you can see the addition of blue creates beautiful teal tones with a duotone shimmer. When you're looking for a dark hunter green look, adding that drop of black is the way to go.