DiamondCast Subscription Box - 2 Round Blanks

  • $18.00
  • Save $4

This is our least expensive subscription option. With it, you'll save a little money and get an invoice every month for 2 DiamondCast Blanks. Simply pay your invoice before the 15th of the month for that month's box to be shipped to you. We'll never automatically charge you and you can cancel the invoices any time or skip months if you need to. 

With this option you'll get 1 standard color and then either a Radiance/Silver Series/Custom color as well ($20-22 value minimum!) We'll announce the color options on our Instagram and Facebook pages each month. (@McKenziePenworks or McKenzie Penworks on Facebook) 

These are standard round pen blanks: .81" x 6" (Good for up to, and including, Jr. Size pens)