Basil Hayden Barrel Wood Blanks

  • $5.00


Basil Hayden small batch bourbon is inspired by the 1792 high-rye mash recipe of Meredith Basil Hayden Sr. This unique use of a higher rye percentage allows for a more subtle taste profile. The charred oak flavors and spicy-sweet aromas are derived from the aging process that takes place in Kentucky’s hillside rackhouses.

Ring Blanks are at least 1.25 inch square and .5 inch thick.

Pen Blanks are 6 inches long and at least .75 inches wide with char.  Since the barrels are curved, the blanks are not fully squared.  Makers will be able to produce 2 Sierra/Gatsby sized pens from one blank. 

Each Ring and Pen Blank comes with a Numbered Certificate and Story Card for a polished final presentation of your product.