Black Diamond Pigment Variety Pack Big Box #2

Black Diamond Pigment Variety Pack Big Box #2

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Looking for a bigger variety of colors for small projects or to try out new things? The Big Boxes of Variety Packs will expand your options tremendously. If you dig sparkles, this is the box for you. In this box you'll get 2 full size containers (50 grams) of Deep Blue Sea and Black Onyx as well as an awesome variety of "Galaxy" series glitters, "Diamond Effect" mica with built in macro pearl, "Ghost" pigments (Interference colors for pearls/abalone), LUX series sparkly mica, and many great solid colors.

Each packet contains 5 grams of pigment. 

Full color list:

Holographic Galaxy, Starry Night, Light Blue Galaxy, Titanium Galaxy, Ruby Red Galaxy, Bermuda Blue Galaxy, Green Galaxy, Golden Galaxy, Purple Galaxy, Pure White, Caribbean Blue, Liberty Copper, Vivid Orange, Cobalt Blue, Blue/Green, Imperial Red, Deep Sea Blue, Tuscan Sunset, Mahogany, Battleship Grey, Diamond Aluminium, Medieval Copper, Bora Bora Blue, Kiwi, Black Onyx, Savage, The Midas Touch, Green Apple, Ghost Satin Green, Ghost Copper, Sapphire Ghost Blue, Ghost Gold, Ghost Red, Ghost Blue, Ghost Satin Violet, Ghost Diamond Green, Midnight Blue, LUX Blue, Burple, Blissful Blue/Green, Firebrick Red, Iridescent Blue, BlueSlate, LUX Blue Mauve, LUX Turquoise, LUX Violet, LUX Green, LUX Deep Sea Blue LUX White, LUX Bronze, LUX Gold, LUX Blue/Violet