YInMn Blue Kitless Blank

  • $18.00

One of the bluest blues you'll ever find! YInMn derives it's name from it's chemical composition: Yitrium, Indium, and Manganese. It's so blue it actually reflects some infrared light.  

This amazingly rich color is the first inorganic blue pigment created in over 200 years and we're happy to be able to make it available to you first! Of course, we add a little DiamondCast sparkle to this eye popping blue just to give it that little something extra.

Kitless blanks measure 9" long x .722" diameter and are suitable for making a single custom fountain pen (threaded and tapped) or you can make 3 single tube kit pens such as a Sierra. While this is very opaque, we always recommend back painting when using for kit pens. Blue is the obvious choice in color...

Due to the fact that YInMn contains Manganese we're going to go the extra mile and tell you to mask up when turning it. You should be wearing your respirator for ANY turning you do so I'm sure that's nothing new for you. Technically, the pigment just received the green light from a few federal agencies and is classified as an inert substance but... Best to be safe! (Our lawyer friends said we should tell you to wear your respirator, and now we have!)