Dioptase Masters Series Blank

  • $20.00

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to play favorites, but Dioptase is perhaps my favorite pigment in the Masters line. It practically glows when any light hits it and is a stunning color that must be seen to be believed.

This beautiful pigment is copper based and has a history of primarily being used as accents to art pieces. The history is relatively "new" for natural based pigments, being traced back to perhaps the late 1800's. We found the color very similar to Chrysocolla. So similar in fact, that we decided to to leave Chrysocolla out of the line up in favor of the more pure tones found in Dioptase.

Like our Lapis material, this pigment is translucent and lends itself better to custom (kitless) pen making and rings. However, you could conceivably paint the inside after drilling and use in a kit so we've made it available in that size as well.