Ring Blank Cutoff Box

  • $35.00
  • Save $18

While we haven't added the ring blanks to our website yet, we have made them available at Craft Supplies USA, RingSupplies.com and now Turner's Warehouse. As a result, we have ended up with a variety of cutoffs from trimming the blanks. We could build a jig and not have cutoffs... Or... We can offer random cutoff pieces for our ring making friends to play with!

Each cutoff box will contain 3 different colors. Lengths will vary but there will be at least the equivalent of 9 of our standard 3/8" single blanks. (If you've ever measured one you probably found out we include a little extra...) 

These are extremely limited so there's a strict 3 box limit. If you try to buy more we'll end up refunding the overage. 

* Photo is an example of size and color variations. Buying one box gets you 3 pieces. *