Small Batch Blanks
Small Batch Blanks

Small Batch Blanks #9

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We've learned our lesson and are releasing multiple small batches at the same time to make it easier on our makers. :) This release will consist of batches 6-9. Each batch has 22 blanks available.

With our new resin having better UV resistance against yellowing, we've decided to play with the idea of having clear in the blank again for the first time in years. This blank is 50% clear resin, with the rest being an equal mix of pastel orange and red (well ok it's pink... but it started off as red mica before I dumped a bunch of pure white pigment in there) Either way it's a fun color mix, especially with the clear in there!

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A chameleon material, this blank is: from one angle gold ore; from another, silver ore; at a third, it is pyrite; and from another, it is all of these and more. Beautiful work, McKenzie Penworks. Great job guys. keep it up

Penchant 4
Los Angeles, CA

So many words to describe this blank; dazzling, spectacular, brilliant, are just a few to start the list. I only wish we could post pictures so I could see what others have done with this and other Diamondcast products. Maybe server space won't allow it. Think about it anyway, Tim. ;-)

Darren Koele

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