Strawberry Banana DiamondCast® Slim Blank
Strawberry Banana DiamondCast® Slim Blank

Strawberry Banana DiamondCast® Slim Blank

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This one is just fun! While playing around with a more complex color mix I had leftover yellow and bright pink and put them together... The result was so nice I had to add it to the lineup. After drilling you can back paint this one white to lighten the colors or a neutral silver or even yellow would work. It's pretty opaque so would only be an issue on pens with extremely thin walls.

Slim Blanks measure about .6" x 5" and are suitable for slimlines and pretty much any pen around .5" finished diameter. Drilling on the lathe is your best bet to ensure you maximize the diameter.

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A chameleon material, this blank is: from one angle gold ore; from another, silver ore; at a third, it is pyrite; and from another, it is all of these and more. Beautiful work, McKenzie Penworks. Great job guys. keep it up

Penchant 4
Los Angeles, CA

So many words to describe this blank; dazzling, spectacular, brilliant, are just a few to start the list. I only wish we could post pictures so I could see what others have done with this and other Diamondcast products. Maybe server space won't allow it. Think about it anyway, Tim. ;-)

Darren Koele

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